My laziness (or maybe the fact that I was doing more interesting things) stopped me from finishing last trip notes. The trip to Hartford was not bad at all, just rainy, like a Scottish mid-summer day. The day after we spent it talking and made a short trip when the hurricane (which was then was already a tropical storm) had passed by. It was nice to see old friends.

On Monday I made my way to New York via Hartford. I had to take a Megabus, since the trains either weren’t running or had ran out of tickets. I finally could meet Blanca and I had a wonderful couple of days in Manhattan. The city was completely different from what I could remember. For a start half of the people in the island seemed to speak Spanish and in fact they would jump from English to Spanish and back to English several times in the middle of a conversation. I was also amazed at how expensive everything was (felt like London). At the beginnning I didn’t like the city and I felt the negativity that Blanca had told me about: the unhappy people, the poverty, everyone in a rush, the feeling that you were paying for breathing… But then I started to feel that as long as you kept yourself away from the bad things and focus on the exceptionality of NYC, there was a lot to take. First of all not all the houses are terrible and Blanca’s is a good example of that. There is lots of culture for little or no money (museums, street shows) and lots of different magic places to enjoy such as parks or certain not-so-expensive restaurants. And there are lots of nice shops to be, like a massive Toys ‘r’ us with a riding wheel inside! You don’t need to buy, just wondering around is a nice feeling, once I had not experienced in a while.

Maybe I would not like to live in Manhattan, but I can enjoy it for a while.

On the flight back home something noticeable happened. They had overbooked (even when they had checked everyone in) and they needed to get rid of one passenger. They looked for a volunteer and they found one. I was surprised of that but the Irish guy sat next to me on the plane told me that they would pay for another flight back for him and for an other one (probably return one) anytime he wanted the year after. If something like this happens again to me I may offer myself šŸ™‚

Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Rabbit and I having tea.

Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Rabbit and I having tea in Central Park. Notice the Rabbit making up poor excuses to leave early.