Well, so a new trip begins, and this is a long one, not only time-wise but spacetime-wise. I left Edinburgh on Saturday the 10th of September and I expect to be back by the 8th of October or so.

The original plan is:

  • 9th of September: Bologna.
  • 10th-17th of September: Tropical and Toric Geometry in Trento.
  • 17th of September: Cross-Europe trip: Train or bus to Bergamo, Flight to Poznan. Train to Szczecin. Bus to Lukecin. This should take the whole night.
  • 18th-24th of September. Geometric Invariant Theory: Old and New in Lukecin.
  • 24th-28th: Holidays start wow! Train to Berlin. Stay there for 4 days.
  • 28th-8th: Flight to Venice, Train to Trieste. Bus to Rijeka. Enjoy north-croatian Autumn rain πŸ˜€

So the trip started already. In Bologna I stayed with one Couchsurfer who is about to start his second PhD in classic languages in the UK. Different.

In the plane and later on the train to Trento (which took an hour longer than scheduled) I had the chance of going slowly (i.e. doing all exercises) through Kollar’s Singularities of Pairs, as Costya once put it, the article that all birationalist should read at least once.

In Trento I arrived in the middle of some medieval festival. The views from my room are AMAZING!

Trento's Piazza du duomo

This is what I can see from my window. Only that they took away all the medieval stuff.

Also, I am lucky to be sharing the room with Pau, a catalan student, so I can discuss maths in Spanish πŸ™‚

I’m going to buy some stuff now. The classes start in the afternoon.