ADE graphsI am on my way to Coventry from Edinburgh in one of Virgin expensive trains. However, since they charge £4 an hour of Internet, I will not be able to post this till I am at the University of Warwick. I am attending a Winter School organised by Miles Reid and Tim Logvinenko on the McKay correspondence. A big lot of us are going from Edinburgh: Vanya, Dima Sakovics, Michael Wemyss and myself. Ciaran was going to come but he chickened out in the last minute about his upcoming viva. Fair enough.

I am aware I left last trip half done but I rather not post about it now. The reason was mainly the lack of Internet in Poland. Then, when I went to Germany and later to Croatia I had better things to do than write here, I guess.

Since then I had not travelled much: to Moscow in HSE 10 days, with their generous support and the LMS. It was december, really cold but it is nice to see how they would not reduce their activity due to this. I met Kuzma Khrabov, an undergrad at Moscow State who is coming to Warwick too. And the usual ones: Logvinenko, Prokhorov, Costya Shramov… From Moscow I went to Madrid for Christmas and New Years and on the first I went back to Edinburgh.

In April I will travel a bit more. I will go to Barcelona for a week on holidays. From there I will go to Cambridge, to some workshop organised by Vanya and Julius Ross, a former lecturer of mine. Then, Paris for a school in Tropical Geometry and then back to Edinburgh. It will be a month or nearly a month altogether.