I didn’t upload the previous post and I’m already on the train back writing the second one. It has been an hectic week and the school has moved from the specifics of working with actual equations to construct concretely a G-Hilb scheme of a 3-fold to the arcane of Derived Category of Sheaves of Modules using quivers and what-not.

To be honest in the school there has been lots of free time, but I somehow managed to fill it in one way of another one. Walking, for instance, took easily an hour or an hour an a half away. Our accommodation was in some bunker-style houses near the former building of the Mathematics Institute which happens to be 25 minutes walking from the current building. The supermarket was even further.

I had very fruitful discussions with my supervisor, and in fact for the first time since I started I also had a fruitful one with my second supervisor (it is rare in Britain to interact with second supervisors). Actually it seems both of us are interested in deformations of singularities of surfaces which is quite cool. We saw how given a deformation over a base of dimension n one can get one over a base of dimension 2. If the properties that the deformation satisfies are preserved by base change, then it is enough to consider deformations over the germ of a curve to classify all varieties which accept that kind of deformation.

Moreover I luckily happened to learn certain things in the school (like quick and exhaustive calculation of data regarding cyclic quotient singularities) that I am using at the moment.

I also met really nice and interesting people: Kuzma Khrabov, Jesus Tapia, Nathan (Glasgow), Alberto and Emmanuele (Oxford), and the usual russian troupe, of course!