And that was it folks! Happy Birthday, Joe!

Yesterday it was a tougher day. Hard to understand or get something from most of the talks, apart from Brendan Hasset‘s talk, which actually mentioned some of the work of Kostya Shramov did during his post-doc in Edinburgh. 3-fold Fibrations by Quartic del Pezzos. I have worked with this surfaces this year. Nice to see something friendly. I can say little about the other talks in the mathematical side, apart that Bill Fulton is very entertaining: Continue reading


Calm before the storm

The original plan for this trip had a tight schedule consisting on staying from Wednesday till Sunday afternoon in Boston for Joe Harris’s 60th birthday conference, in Connecticut with myfriends the Merris’ till Monday evening and till Thursday morning in New York City visiting my friend Blanca. Then I would take a bus back to Boston and fly off to Scotland.

The journey to Boston was long. The first day I stayed more or less 24 hours awake to avoid the jet-lag. The accommodation is really lovely and I had the chance of visiting the Harvard Musum of Natural History. Amazing, I saw animals I had never seen before, although they are most proud of their collection of glass flowers. Continue reading

A Journey through Flatland

Recently I started a series of trips mainly due to mathematical reasons, although I try to add some other reasons on the way. In this blog I will try to speak about my impressions of the places I visit, the people I meet and the mathematics I learn. Hopefully it will not be too boring. However a first warning: I do birational geometry, so the layman may feel this is all nonsense.

I came back a week ago from my most recent trip, and unfortunately I have no time to write about it, so the following lines will have to do for now. I went to Cortona, in Tuscany (Italy). A beautiful environment, amazing building (the Palazzone) and even more amazing lectures. David Cox and Hal Schenck lectured on their new book joint with John Little in Toric Varieties, a must.

The next trip will be for Joe Harris 60th Birthday in Harvard.